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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Plus One?

Why do people think they can safely ask a parent if they plan to have more kids? This mom-of-one writer—who happens to think it’s a very rude practice—gives her take. (The Cut)

Age Appropriate

First-time mothers are currently 1.4 years older than they were 14 years ago. Will the trend continue? (Tech Times)


Based on these 7…interesting…health effects, pregnancy has one wicked sense of humor. (Refinery 29)

Pole Perfect

If you’ve ever wondered how a mom can pole dance while breastfeeding her infant daughter, wonder no more. This video shows how it’s done. (The Cut)


Got a labor horror story? Keep it to yourself, says this writer, who wants to have her baby in peace, thank you very much. (Madame Noire)

Brain Food

Turns out eating lots of fish during pregnancy can benefit your baby’s brain—including possibly thwarting symptoms of autism. (Time)

Jumping to Conclusions

Moms open up about being bullied into C-sections by doctors who (often erroneously) predicted their babies would be larger than average. (New York Times)

Step Off

Ever feel ultra-protective of your partner? Chalk it up to ovulation. (Quartz)

Going Viral

The Zika virus—whose outbreak is centered in Brazil—has quickly become a major health concern for pregnant women around the world. Know the facts. (Washington Post)

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