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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Mile for Mile

To help cope with the anxiety of her son undergoing a major surgery, this mom ran for seven straight hours and fell in love with ultra running. (Women’s Running)

Mother and Child

Jezebel wants to know just how much of what you observe during pregnancy makes an eventual impact on your baby.

Parental I.Q.

How smart do you really need to be to raise a kid? New York Magazine takes an interesting look.

Six-Pack Pregnancy

A former Miss Fitness Universe is making headlines for her serious third-trimester ab definition. (Health)

Breast Intentions

Coco Austin posted a breastfeeding photo on Instagram and the app deleted it. Read on for why. (Redbook)

5 Alive

An Australian woman is pregnant with quintuplets. Naturally. Really. (Refinery 29)

Home Time

A professor of pediatrics takes on the polarizing issue of home births, wondering what can be done to make the practice a safer option. (New York Times)

Thinking Ahead

A serious move has been made toward screening women for depression during and after pregnancy. (New York Times)

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