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Fit Follow Up: Jenna Jackson

Jenna Jackson is the CEO and Co-Founder of LA-based locally sourced/manufactured leather bag and accessories brand, august. As one half of the husband and wife team, Jenna works to revitalize the local economy by bringing back artisan craftsmanship and giving back through ethical production. She’s also the mom of two young boys. We catch up with her in between travels on life after baby #2, her workouts and community involvement.


Keller, April 2013
Everett, January 2016

Q: Did you workout through both pregnancies?

A: I did! With Keller I did Yoga Hop in Santa Monica three times a week until 36 weeks. With Everett I did Soul Cycle three times a week until 37 weeks and Pilates towards the end.

Q: Do you involve your kids in your workouts now?

A: I have an incredible Pilates instructor that lets me do my workouts with Everett strapped to me. I've actually done squats with my instructor while breastfeeding too! I walk a lot while pushing both kids in the stroller and my three year old is SUPER active, so we're at the beach chasing him around like crazy.

Q: Prior to the start of your company, what motivated you to make the move and travel?

A: It had been a dream of Charley's and mine since we started dating. We had both traveled a bit independently and had the dream to take a year off and travel the world. We saved for years before we finally took the plunge and set off for a year to travel.

Q: Did you learn anything during your journeys through Africa (about mothering/motherhood/yourself) that surprised you or prepared you to be a mom?

A: Charley and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro together, and I think, that in retrospect, that prepared me for the long, hard days and putting one foot in front of the other. It also showed Charley and me our strengths and weaknesses and that when I'm tired he could take over and push me through, and when he's tired I can take the lead. We try and bring that into our parenting, especially since we both work.

Q: Tell us a little about your non-profit partnership with Operation School Bell.

A: Operation School Bellis an incredible organization that provides the opportunity for underserved youth to go "back to school shopping". They provide clothing, books, toiletries, underwear, socks and shoes to kids that need them, but all in an environment that empowers the kids to come and pick things out for themselves. They take home their finds in a great big, school backpack, and that's where we come in. For every august bag sold, we donate the money to OSB to buy a backpack for these students. They all attend school within the Los Angeles Unified School District so we're giving back right here in our community.

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about being a mompreneur?

A: Flexibility. Yes, being an entrepreneur means I'm working nights and a lot of weekends, but it also means I can attend a school party at 10:30AM on a Tuesday or take a morning "off" to go for a long walk with my newborn and our rescue golden retriever. I may pay for it late at night on email, but largely if I have my phone there isn't a lot I can't handle from anywhere. I really, really appreciate my work / life balance in this way. For example, we try and spend a month in Montana over the summers, and I can do that as long as I have my computer and my phone because my team here is so incredible. It's amazing to have that time in Montana with my family, and I can do that because it's my company.

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