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FitBump T3: Pregnancy Workouts

No matter what your fitness preference, pregnancy workouts that will get you moving and strong.

The Workout: A Lower Body Go-To

Squats and lunges—and more squats and lunges—make this leg workout a winner.



Plank Play: A Core Workout

A variety of planks (and a few push-ups) makes for a strength-building session that you can do anywhere.


A Total (Bench) Body Workout

From souped-up squats to push-ups with a twist, give the six moves in this workout with a bench a try.


6 Essential Pilates Exercises on All Fours

Pilates instructor Erika Bloom gets us on our hands and knees, a prime, full-body training position for moms-to-be and new moms alike.



3 Resistance Band Exercises to Do Now

Twenty minutes and this resistance band workout make for a quick, effective tone-up session.


A Quickie Treadmill-Rowing Workout

Shake things up at the gym with a run-row session mixed with a shot of power moves.

Get Guns of Steel with This Arm Workout

One of our favorite arm workouts features four types of push-ups, plus tricep dips and crab walks, to tone and strengthen arms from all angles.


Get Strong with The Perfect 10

A lower-body workout that keeps things simple and focused.

Your Best Lower Body Is Just 150 Squats Away

Don’t let the number scare you! This completely doable workout includes a variety of squats to keep things interesting and walking intervals for recovery.

16 Moves, 1 Full-Body Workout, No Gym Required

We combined 16 of our favorite exercises to form one killer mash-up that hits the whole body equally.

Your Best Butt Ever

Tighten and tone your backside with this multidirectional workout that hits the glutes from all angles.

3 Full-Body Exercises with Dumbbells

Like a little resistance? Trainer Noell Yanik (who is expecting her second child in January) shares three weighted moves that are perfect for moms-to-be and new moms alike.