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How Two Mompreneurs Are Reinventing Work for Women

A new baby can be not just a life changer, but also a career game changer. Many women find that dipping their toe back into the workforce has specific roadblocks. Time out of the game, loss of contacts, living in a new area or the inability to be connected to the right opportunities. WERK is stepping in to fill that void. WERK is an online talent exchange that pairs skilled women with career-building flexible work opportunities from top companies. How? By utilizing technology so women can achieve ambitious goals on a schedule that works for them. We chat with founders Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach on the inspiration for WERK and their passion to help other moms.

How many kid(s) do you have? Ages?

Annie Dean: Son Jack, born August 2013 and son Walter (Walt!), born July 2015
Anna Auerbach: Son Asher, born May 2013

Q: Why did you create WERK?

A: We created WERK because as working moms, we know that work is just not working for the majority of women. Too often women have to choose whether to be successful at family or work - and are rarely given the ability to succeed at both. We want women to have the ability to lean "sideways" ensuring that they can work in the context of a complex multi-faceted life.

Q: What problem do you see WERK solving?

A: Our current work structures are outdated and unforgiving. Success should not be defined by the number of hours a person sits at a desk. Exhaustion is not a status symbol. WERK will normalize innovative and flexible ways of working, allowing women to do work on their terms and stay in the leadership pipeline.

Q: Do you feel being a mom has given you a different perspective as an entrepreneur?

A: AD: We try to bring motherhood to entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship to motherhood. When I'm getting Jack ready for school I'm in entrepreneur mode trying to "triage inefficiencies" like when he decides to pour his milk on the floor while I'm trying to put on his shoes! When we're pitching a new investor or partnership, we use our mom skills to relate to the person across the table. It's easy to stay cool in a negotiation if you can stay patient after you son mops the entire apartment with toilet water while you're cooking dinner (true story).

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

A: AD: When they LAUGH!
AA: The unconditional love - nothing can compare with the way Asher looks at me when I pick him up from school!

Q: What is your best tip for work/life balance as a mompreneur?

A: It's never going to feel easy, but don't be afraid to say "everything can wait." There are very few things that can't wait.

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