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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Double Time

Here’s a story about a woman and her wife and how both were pregnant at the same time, had their babies at basically the same time and plunged their way into motherhood at the same time, too. (The Cut)

Go to Bed

Having a little trouble sleeping since you got pregnant? You’re not alone. Here are 10 ways to get the Zs you need. (Yahoo Parenting)

Going with Their Guts

Turns out an infant’s gut bacteria says a lot about how he or she was delivered and what they eat. (Fox News)

Excuse Me, Please

This viral video illustrates how opinionated people tend to be when it comes to public breastfeeding. (Huffington Post)

Designer Recovery

Jewelry designer Kristen Noel Crawley shares how the arrival of her second baby was way different than that of her first. (ELLE)

You Say…Pota-No

Put down that spud: New research is showing that eating too many potatoes during pregnancy can trigger gestational diabetes. (The Stir)


A look at how tennis-player dads on the men’s circuit work around tournaments and childbirth. (New York Times)

Under Pressure

In the wake of David Bowie’s death, Christie Brinkley shares a story of how she may have helped the music legend and his wife, Iman, conceive their daughter. (Hello Magazine)

Weight, Weight

Further proof that doctors’ estimates of birth weights aren’t always accurate and could be contributing to unnecessary c-sections. (Well Blog)

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