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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Inside a study of what yoga poses are best to perform during pregnancy. (NPR)

Dance, Dance, Dance

This soon-to-be mom of three, seven months pregnant, became an Internet sensation when a video of her hip-hop dancing went viral. (People)

You’ve Got the Look

Fascinated by Kim Kardashian’s very specific pregnancy style, one expecting editor tried it all on for size. (Pop Sugar)


This woman finished a college exam in the middle of having a baby. She is our hero. (New York Magazine)

Surgery Shout-Out

In amazing medical news, uterine transplants are well on their way to one day helping infertile women have children. (New York Times)

Real Talk

Kelly Clarkson currently has it bad. You might, too. And that’s a good thing. What morning sickness really means. (Refinery 29)

Up in Smoke?

The call is out for pregnancy warning labels to be put on pot products. (Huffington Post)

Keep an Eye on It

New findings show that breast milk may help to prevent blindness in premature babies. (Fit Pregnancy)

Baby on the Way

An inspiring story of a paralyzed mom-to-be. (ABC News)

A Turn of Events

A transgender man reveals the surprise pregnancy that he experienced a few years ago. (New York Daily News)

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