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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Before and After

A look at how anxiety during pregnancy might be a more prevalent issue than postnatal depression. (She Knows)

A Numbers Game

This writer wonders how many kids she needs to have before people stop asking, “When will you have another?” (Quartz)

Breastfeeding Benefits

Two new studies show that breastfeeding is as good for mothers as it is for babies. (Well Blog)

Timing Is Everything

A new study shows that the day of the week on which a birth happens could have an impact on the health of both mom and baby. (Pregnancy Magazine)

No Boundaries

Has discretion gone out the window when it comes to pregnancy? (Huffington Post)

Prep Time

Here are 15 ways to get ready for labor. (Stay at Home Mum)

Like Dads Do

Soon-to-be-father Mark Zuckerberg is taking two months of paternity leave. This piece looks at why that matters. (Deseret News)

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