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Giveaway: Win a Personal Trainer for Your Pelvic Floor

Crush Your Kegels with Elvie, a High-Tech Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker

The statistics don’t lie: 1 in 3 women experience pelvic floor problems, including bladder leakage and back pain, and pregnancy puts a particularly heavy strain on the area. To help get your pelvic floor fitness in order, we are offering the chance to win Elvie (a $199 value)—a discreet yet powerful exercise tracker for your pelvic floor that makes mastering kegel exercises fun. The device features 5-minute workouts that help build core strength and control with the help of feedback via a companion app. You have until Friday, November 20, at 6 P.M. to enter.

As Elvie puts it: Get ready to discover your inner strength.










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