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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Oldest to Youngest

Think you are the way you are because of your birth order? A new study says think again. (Well Blog)

Winning Wardrobe

A start-up is offering its employees a $2,000 maternity clothing stipend. (Racked)

Earn Your Stripes

Plus-size model and new mom Robyn Lawley takes to Facebook to show off her stretch marks and to address some nasty rumors. (Stretch marks are the new cause célèbre—check out the #loveyourlines campaign.) (People)

Land Grab

This couple got real creative (fully rendered bump landscapes!) when it came to documenting their pregnancy. (Mashable)

It's All About...

You—when it comes to pregnancy reveals, that is. At least according to this mom. (Baby Center)

Black and White?

Why this professor of pediatrics is having a hard time being an “absolutist” on alcohol consumption during pregnancy. (NPR)

Eat Up

New findings show that a light snack during labor might be just the boost many moms-to-be need to power through. (Science World Report)


Is there a better way to predict a baby’s due date? According to several new studies, maybe. (Medical News Today)

Hey, Doll

A robot is helping doctors learn the ins and outs of childbirth. (CBS)

Mea Culpa

A New Zealand airline mistakenly asked a not-pregnant woman if she was pregnant…and didn’t apologize. (BBC)

Food for Thought

New York–based restaurateur Danny Meyer made news recently for nixing tipping in his eateries, but two of his employees aren’t so thrilled with the treatment they got during their pregnancies. (New York Post)

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