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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Push It

A British woman set the world record for a marathon run with a stroller—3:17:26, thank you very much—and her seven-month-old couldn’t be happier. (Runner's World)

Om Time

WellRounded NY shares five yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy and one you should do every day.

Shopping Around

A look at how the “boutique birthing boom” is a reflection of a growing interest in alternatives to giving birth in traditional hospital settings. (Crain's)

Personal Foul?

WNBA star Glory Johnson delivered her twins via C-section last week—at just 24 weeks (each weighed 1 pound 7 ounces)—and is catching a lot of flack for posting ab selfies and nonchalantly talking about working outs. (People)

Keeping Up Appearances

Turns out new dads get the blues, too—and need mental health support as much as moms do. (Huffington Post)

The Breastfeeding Wars Continue

Feedback from an essay in last week's New York Times about making the decision to breastfeed. (New York Times)

Of a Certain Age

The authors of a new book called How to Conceive Naturally share fertility advice, though we aren’t sure eating encapsulated placenta makes sense because “the Kardashians are doing it!” (New York Post)

Get On It

More on whether frequent sex preps the immune system for pregnancy. (New York Times)

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