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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Sleep S.O.S.

New moms, listen up: Interrupted sleep (the kind that newborns like to dish out) may affect mood even more than getting very few Zs. (New York Magazine)

Track It

And on that sleep note, this writer used a FitBit to see what a new baby really does to one’s sleep patterns. (New York Magazine)

Like This

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz photographed Mark Zuckerberg and his pregnant wife, Priscilla Chan. (Today)

Feed the Beast

The battle over breastfeeding rages on. This writer looks into how well-meaning support can turn into unwanted advice very quickly. (New York Times)

Strike a Pose

A mom-to-be sticks with her athletic yoga practice. (Pop Sugar)

3 Cheers for Chores

Do you actually like doing the dishes all of a sudden? Turns out a lot of parents do—and there is a reason. (New York Magazine)

The Real Deal

A reminder that not every new mother’s post-pregnancy experience is rosy. (NPR)

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