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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

The Results Are In

Turns out there are all sorts of ways women have tested for pregnancy over the years. Here are nine. Surprise, surprise—the ancient Egyptians were way ahead of their time. (Mental Floss)


Real moms tell their unpleasant maternity leave stories. (She Knows)


New mom Jessica Biel teamed up with WomanCare Global for a video series to help teach women about their bodies. (ABC News)


According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a “discouraging” number of women in the United States drink while they are pregnant. (CBS News)

Rock On

Meet a Seattle punk band called Childbirth. (Bitch Media)

Animal Magnetism

A spectacular look at renderings of what unborn animals look like in the womb. (Diply)

Baby Steps

Chelsea Clinton’s baby Charlotte turned a year old and her mom opened up about the logistical challenges she faced when she went back to work. (E!)

In Sickness and In Health

New research shows that cancer treatments administered during pregnancy won't necessarily adversely affect a baby-to-be. (The New York Times)

No Further Questions

A Michigan woman’s Facebook post on the rudeness of random fertility queries from strangers (and non-strangers) alike went viral. (Daily Mail)

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