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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

New-Mom Moments

For a hefty price tag, new mothers in China can live out their immediate postpartum days in sequestered luxury. (New York Times)

A Birth Story

If you had any doubt as to the ability of the human body to give birth to a tiny human being, this video show exactly how it makes it happen. (Mirror)

The Cutting Edge

In Brazil, where the birth of a baby is viewed as a great occasion for a party—one that needs to be scheduled—there is a C-section “epidemic.” (New York Times)

Give Me Some Skin

Check out 15 tattoos that celebrate breastfeeding. (The Stir)

Get It On (for Your Health)

Having sex more often can up your chances of getting pregnant in more ways than you might think. (New York Magazine)

Heavy Lifting

Yet another pregnant CrossFitter defends her choice to stick to her workouts as her pregnancy progresses. (Daily Mail)

Celeb Issues

Spoiler alert: Kim Kardashian hates being pregnant. (Vogue)


The ruling on whether a bit of alcohol is advisable during pregnancy—or if it should be off limits completely—continues to go back and forth. (The Independent)

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