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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Eat Up

Sure, pregnancy cravings often sound crazy—but they look even crazier as these photographs prove. (Mashable)

The Sports Gene

Put some thought into your child’s birth month and you might end up with a talented little athlete on your hands. (New York Magazine)

Having It Both Ways

One new mom’s take on how being fit and being pregnant aren’t mutually exclusive, though it can be a challenge to be both at the same time. (The Guardian)

On Your Mark…

Much to her surprise, elite middle-distance runner Sarah Brown is pregnant, but that doesn’t mean next year’s Olympics aren’t on her to-do list. (Runner’s World)

The Naked Truth

Think moms-to-be are the only ones that deal with weight gain? Meet five new dads who packed on the pounds and posed in the nude for all to see. (The Sun)

Scared Straight

This couple took a creative—and creepy (on purpose)—approach to their pregnancy announcement. (Yahoo)

One and Done?

This writer decided to have a second child, but admits that the decision was anything but a “no-brainer.” (Huffington Post)

Everyone’s a Critic

Model mom Coco Rocha got heated over some social media chatter regarding her decision to switch from breastfeeding to formula. (ET)

The Right Move

New York became one of the first states to ban the practice of handcuffing pregnant women six years ago, and an update to that bill is up for the governor’s signature now. (The New York Times)

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