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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Work Wise

Advice on how to tell a prospective employer that you’re expecting a baby. (New York Times)

Business as Usual

A professor of finance examines how Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s recent disclosure that she’s having twins will impact investors. (Fortune)

In Vino Veritas

A funny, tongue-in-cheek post on the best wines to pair with your kid’s bad behavior. (Life as a Rambling Redhead)

Urban Planning

Wondering where your city ranks on a list of the best and worst places to have a baby? Look no further… (The Bump)

Take a Stand

A writer argues that a person shouldn’t be required to give up their seat for a pregnant woman. (BabyCenter)

Tech Talk

A fetal monitoring app for the Apple Watch is out to change the way moms-to-be operate in the last few weeks of pregnancy—and Gizmodo thinks it’s the best thing Apple has done for women yet.

Tall Tales

Ultra-dramatic birth stories. (Women’s Health)

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