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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

On the Fence

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve decided having a baby is for you. But for the “baby curious” among us, The Cut offers a list of what to read, watch and click to help inform the big decision—or to give perspective once it’s been made.

Lead the Way

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pregnant with twins and stirring up opinions with her plan for a rather brief maternity leave. (Business Insider)

One Serious Bond

This piece explores how fetal cells remain in a mother’s body long after her baby is born—and what that can mean for her health down the road. (Smithsonian)

Brave Bumps

Focused on body positivity, the Honest Body Project showcases pregnant women and their very unique bellies. (Babyology)

Month to Month to Month…

From poppy seed to watermelon, one woman’s documentation of her experience with a pregnancy app. (Daily Dot)

Special Delivery

Photos from an unassisted water birth. (Baby Center)

Helping Hands

This compelling video tells the story of midwives in Chiapas, Mexico, who are often the only resources for pregnant women and are critical to the survival of babies and mothers alike. (New York Times)

Refund, Please

Apparently eager to play decency cop, a Walmart in Iowa refused to print a woman’s photos of her breastfeeding her baby. (Cosmopolitan)

False Alarm

It takes a lot to fake having triplets, as this teenager proved this week. (Mirror)

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