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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

The Apps Have It

Sure, women have been having babies for eons without the help of apps. But, as this writer found out, a lot of parents-to-be don’t want to go without them. (New York Times)

Haters Gonna Hate

This writer looks into why so much vitriol is thrown at fit pregnant women. (Daily Telegraph)

Big Brother

This five-year-old’s reaction to his mom’s baby news will make your day. (Hello Giggles)

Stand and Deliver

Boxer shorts that preserve male fertility? They are out there… (Glamour UK)

You Say You Want a Revolution

Childbirth is heading into a new frontier on many levels. (Tech Insider)

Motherhood Maps

Buzzfeed shows us what paid maternity leave looks like across the globe.

Job Security

Qatar Airways is taking a big step forward by not automatically firing employees who get pregnant. (BBC)

Surprise Situation

An OB/GYN talks about how she made peace with unexpectedly getting pregnant. (Mind. Body. Green.)

Don’t Get Pregnant…Or Sick…Or Both

Yet another delightful anecdote from the hallowed halls of Amazon. (Business Insider)

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