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Three Things We Love Right Now (And You Will, Too)

A Breastfeeding-Friendly Sports Bra

Breastfeeding is like training. Time consuming? Check. Challenging? Check. But when it comes to benefitting from specially designed performance wear, the similarities often end. The Pro Impact Flexi-Wire nursing sports bra ($80; pictured above), by Cake Maternity, is out to change that. Super-soft wicking fabric, breathable mesh panels and a flexible underwire construction make this an ultra-supportive and comfortable choice. (While we happen to be on the smaller side, and seamless cups and underwire aren’t normally necessary to keep our situation in place, the Pro Impact’s design, available in sizes 32B to 40K, is a keeper.) But features like cups that drop down easily with the flick of easy to maneuver clips, wide padded straps that don’t dig into shoulders and a racer-back conversion clip are the real game-changers, allowing you to transition from a run to a feeding in no time flat.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough You Can Eat Raw

Cookie dough is delicious. It is also not recommended as a treat during pregnancy because of raw eggs, a notorious carrier of salmonella. Enter Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough, which contains no eggs or dairy, incorporates flour made of sorghum (an ancient, gluten-free grain that is high in antioxidants) into its recipe and is delicious devoured raw or baked. (Trust us—we tried it both ways.) The company is out to revolutionize food by focusing on plant-based ingredients. We say, thank you.

A Monthly Subscription Box You Will Actually Use (and Love)

During and after pregnancy, you might find yourself wanting a little more than usual from your subscription box. BumpBoxes deliver, offering customizable offerings of pre- and postnatal goodies, plus items for the little ones, too. From lavender belly oil to heart-shape nursing pads to sippy cups, the products change regularly and are tailored to your due date—meaning you won’t get anything you don’t need. (Pre-packed, one-time boxes are also available.)

Doling out monthly treats is one thing, but BumpBoxes also works with multiple nonprofit organizations, including Healthy Child Healthy World, to give new parents research and educational resources. (A portion of each box sold supports the company’s partner nonprofits.) All BumpBoxes products are screened for safety before receiving a stamp of approval, and founder Christine Deehring explains that finding safe and healthy items is her brainchild’s “top priority.” Monthly pampering, with good causes on the side? We’re sold. Choose from $10 or customized $39 subscriptions;

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