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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Low Blow

MMA fighter Kinberly Novaes just found out she’s six months pregnant, after winning a title when she was 12 weeks along. (Yahoo Health)

Miracle Worker

The September issue of SELF magazine features new mom Kerry Washington, who can’t wrap her head around the obsession with new moms needing to get their bodies “back” after having a baby. (People)

Gender Bender

"Nonmedical sex selection" is becoming increasingly popular, but it isn’t without its critics. (Wall Street Journal)

The Heart of the Matter

A new study hints at a connection between breastfeeding and a decreased risk of heart disease in women later in their lives. (New York Times Well Blog)

Libido Lift

In women’s health news, a few important points to know about the newly FDA-approved “pink Viagra”—aka Addyi. (Glamour)

A Moveable Feast

Nearly 30 candid photos of women nursing—part of the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project—illustrate just how normal feeding a baby can be. (Huffington Post)

Do Better

A new report from the CDC shows that fetal and maternal health statistics in the United States aren’t at all as impressive as they should be—and that’s a big problem. (The Stir)

Tall vs. Small

Turns out a mom-to-be’s height really does have an impact on her pregnancy when it comes to preterm birth. (Science Daily)

Bearing Bears

Yes, this is about pregnant pandas—and how difficult it can be to get them that way—but it’s worth a read. (The Atlantic)

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