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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

No to Nursing

This obstetrician tells her breastfeeding story, which is as real as it gets. (NPR)

Keeping Tabs?

A look at how fetal monitoring during labor and birth might not be as essential as once thought. (New Republic)

Major Offense

A pregnant police officer takes back control after being told she couldn’t take the sergeant’s exam. (New York Times)

Bump Blitz

This collection of 31 pregnancy selfies runs the gamut from self-involved (we’re looking at you, Kim K.) to sweet. (BuzzFeed)

Lending a Hand

A photo of a woman breastfeeding her friend’s son has garnered a good deal of attention. (Fox News)

Strange Days

An already weird story gets even weirder. (Cosmopolitan)

Survival Mode

Not sure how we missed this one…. (Metro)

As Time Goes By

Cute time-lapse video of nursery prep. (PetaPixel)

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