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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

For Your Eyes Only

This tear-jerker of a video (sponsored by Huggies) features a blind woman feeling a 3-D printout of her baby’s sonogram. (Women’s Health)

She’s Having a Baby

Older moms-to-be might get an assist from a new fertility treatment called OvaPrime, which could kick egg freezing to the curb. (The Daily Beast)

Well Positioned

See what babies look like just after they pop into the world. (Pop Sugar Moms)

Bumps and Brawn

Celebrity Aussie trainer Michelle Bridges continues to impress with her hard-core pregnancy fitness. (Yahoo Australia)

Baby Race

Denmark, in reaction to its falling birth rates, is “spicing up” its sex-ed curriculum in an effort to encourage its population to have babies sooner. (Quartz)

Stand at Attention

A group of female soldiers made headlines with this group breastfeeding photo. (Time)

Photo Ops

NPR investigates the popularity of pregnancy photographers in Brazil. (It’s apparently a very big thing.)

Work-Life Balance

Six high-achieving professional women talk about the effects of limited paid leave on a career. (The Guardian)

Fertility Forum

Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen open up about fertility and why they want strangers to stop asking when they are going to have kids. (Enough, people.) (Huffington Post)

Opinions Aplenty

Fitness model Sophie Guidolin just can’t catch a break, as her recent appearance—with her newborn twins—on Australia’s Today show proves. (Daily Mail)

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