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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Put a Name on It

According to this, naming your baby tout de suite after delivery can help prevent medical mistakes at the hospital. (The Stir)

Dear Everybody…

This BuzzFeed video of bizarre pregnancy advice is laugh-out-loud funny.

Home Bodies

An illuminating piece on why the United States—at least right now—isn’t in the best position to make home birth a more popular or more accepted choice. (NPR)

Weekend Routine

How does the founder of Girls Who Code spend her Sunday? The New York Times finds out—and pictures her breastfeeding her infant son. (Nice!)

Flat Out

This writer explains why she didn’t view her baby bump as an ultimate accessory. (Harper’s Bazaar)

A Father’s Story

A dad poignantly recalls how he and his wife worked together when their daughter was born significantly premature. (New York Times)

A Mother’s Book

A mom (the wife of the dad above) wrote an equally moving book—Girl in Glass: How My “Distressed Baby” Defied the Odds, Shamed a CEO, and Taught Me the Essence of Love, Heartbreak, and Miracles—excerpted here. (Time)

Super Powers

Stacy Keibler on how her drug-free home birth made her feel invincible. (People)

Navy Strength

The Navy recently tripled its paid maternity leave for new mothers, which sounds pretty first class to us. (The New Civil Rights Movement)

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