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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

The World’s Best Soccer Moms

The world champion U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team gets its well-deserved parade in New York and The Atlantic looks at how three members juggle the demands of motherhood and professional sports.


A soon-to-be mom of six’s “fit-not-fat” pregnancy kicks up some controversy. (SheKnows)

On the Road Again

Volvo debuts a concept car designed around a car seat—and, from its ad, apparently believes we all have drivers. (Quartz)

Major Gains

This mom talks about how, for her, breastfeeding put on the pounds instead of peeling them away—and it’s not such an unusual outcome. (Pop Sugar)

Written Discontent

A look at how doctors’ notes written for pregnant employees don’t always do what mothers-to-be think they will. (New York Times)

Give It Up

These very clever ads illustrate perfectly why pregnant women should always get a seat on mass transit. (Design Taxi)

Read Between the Lines

A bizarre trend called tweaking involves altering pregnancy tests with the help of filtered and photoshopped photographs to find a positive result no matter what. (Pop Sugar)

Cuban Hurrah

The World Health Organization commends Cuba for all but ending mother-to-baby HIV transmission. (NPR)

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