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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Newborn Nurturer

A fascinating obituary on noted infant specialist Kathryn Barnard, who helped revolutionize the treatment of newborns to maximize their development. (New York Times)


This writer is really tired of bumpies, post-birth selfies and general pregnancy narcissism on social media. (Daily Telegraph)

This Week’s Viral Video…

T.V. cooking-show star Kristina Kuzmic’s sarcasm-laced video on why breastfeeding women should just keep it in their shirts is pretty funny. (YouTube)

A Contraception Conversation

How long is too long to take the pill? New York Magazine looked into it.

Time, Time, Time…

Alexandra Shulman, longtime editor of British Vogue, thinks too much maternity leave is for the birds—and women shouldn’t necessarily expect their jobs to be there when they get back to the office. (Daily Mail)

Damn, I Wish I Was Your Mother

Sophie B. Hawkins is about to have her second child at age 50, with embryos she froze 20 years ago. (Today)

Very Positive

Looks like a flushable, eco-friendly pregnancy test could be on its way. (Springwise)

Home Base

A new company is making it easier for women to work remotely. (USA Today)

Weighty Issue

A new study reveals that half of pregnant women in the U.S. are overweight. (FOX News)

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