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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Workout Wars

How busy parents negotiate their fitness schedules around family time and spouses that are equally stubborn when it comes to fitting in exercise. (Wall Street Journal)

Fertility Find

Ever wish your partner’s iPad could analyze his sperm? It could be your lucky day… (Esquire)

A Healthy Argument

Australian celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges is catching some heat for insisting that healthy living resulted in her pregnancy at age 44. (

Superfluous Scans

How many ultrasounds does a pregnant woman really need? Fewer than you think. (The Bump)

Pregnant Pause

A look at how young women today are strategizing when they will have children—and, subsequently, when they will take a break from their careers—more than their mothers did. (New York Times)

Fatherly Love (Handles)

A new addition can mean a few additional pounds for new dads. (New York Post)

Bonkers Births

Yes, women give birth in crazy situations sometimes—and Women’s Health reports on some doozies.

Pump the Breaks

AutoZone has been ordered to pay an unprecedented sum to one of its former employees who says she was fired for being pregnant.

Family Planning

When it comes to when they get pregnant, Swedes are so predictable. (The Local)

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