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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

A Home Run

The Cincinnati Reds unveil a brand-new—and very stylish—nursing suite for breastfeeding baseball fans. (Yahoo)

Birth, Her Way 

Contemplating a home birth? Actor Ashley Williams, who happens to be a certified doula, had one and goes into it in depth for People.

Work It

New moms are heading back to work sooner than ever and waiting longer to take off before a little one is born. Is there no time to have a baby anymore? (Washington Post)

Labor Intensive

If you ever wondered what exactly a contraction feels like, wonder no more. (The Cut)

C-Section News

Something called a “gentle C-section” is beginning to catch on. (Women’s Health)

Legally Speaking

A troubling look at the criminalization of pregnancy. (New York Magazine)

Weekend Plans

New York Family clues us in on what to do this weekend.

Getting Rid of the Guilt

This writer looks at how precious parenting might be getting a tad out of hand and what to do about it. (Today)

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