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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Camera Ready

A pregnant meteorologist on a Canadian news network addresses some very pointed hate mail. (Apparently everyone’s an expert when it comes to on-air maternity clothes.) (Inquisitr)

Baby on Board

Erica Sara, a runner, jewelry designer and new mom (we interviewed her shortly before she had her baby), shares her post-pregnancy journey to a “new normal.” (Zelle)

Kidless Cool

The New York Times investigates the child-free among us and attempts to get to the bottom of just how much happiness kids actually bring to a person.

Model Behavior

There are a lot of pregnant models right now and takes a quick look at some of their recent Instagram highlights.

The Heart of the Matter

A study shows promising evidence that exercising while pregnant could help prevent congenital heart defects in babies. (New York Times Well)

Born to Work

A look at how the increasing prevalence of pregnant employees in the office could help put an end to the discrimination of women in the workplace. (The Atlantic)

Sugar Rush

Rein in the Ring Dings: An overabundance of junk food in the later stages of pregnancy may result in kids that crave sugary, fatty foods. (International Business Times)

Dos and Don’ts

This writer dispenses advice on what not to say to a new mother under any circumstances. (Number 5 is interesting....) (Huffington Post)

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