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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Hot Commodity

Breast milk is well on its way to becoming a highly commercialized item, but the big money being thrown at it has critics questioning its evolution. (New York Times)

Social Standards

Spending an inordinate amount of time on strategizing how to present your kids on social media? You’re not alone. (Time)

Proud and Pregnant

Pregnant actor Jaime King defends the nearly naked Instagram pic of herself she posted last week. (Kim Kardashian made her do it…sort of.) (Styleite)

Positive POV

Drew Barrymore admits that she needs to remind herself of how powerful her mom-of-two body is. (ABC News)

Tiny Dancer

This woman pole dances while wearing her daughter on her back. Somehow it all manages to work. (Huffington Post)

Celebrity Soapbox

Angelina Jolie made news this week with her explanation as to why she recently had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed—a move that continues to push women’s health issues squarely into the spotlight. (New York Times)

Hosed Down

Sperm plays with fire and wins. (Bustle)

Maternity Wear, Redefined

Recognizing that fashion is beginning to sprout up around the idea of “tailoring masculine clothes for all gender identities and body types,” this upstart designer is rolling out a maternity wear line that does it, too. (Fast Company)

A Spring Weekend to Remember

Our friends at New York Family recommend lots of fun, family-friendly things to do this weekend.

Put It Out

A recent study shows ultrasound images that seem to prove just how disturbing cigarette smoking can be to a baby in utero. (Nature World News)

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