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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

A Fashion-World Faux Pas

Dolce & Gabbana’s Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are facing a widespread boycott of their brand after their confusingly negative comments about IVF and “synthetic children.” Elton John, for one, was not amused. (The New York Times)

The Naked Truth

Facebook clarifies its policy on nudity, which is good news for breastfeeding pics. (Quartz)

Cashing In

A new study suggests that breastfeeding can result in higher IQs and better earning potential down the road. (Science Daily)

Fat Fears

This writer talks about how scared she was of gaining weight while pregnant—and how the experience taught her a valuable lesson. (Pop Sugar)

False Positive

This might be the worst prank idea ever. (The Stir)

The (Not Quite) Real Deal

The three dads that wore fake bumps to feel what pregnancy is like went to the next level via a birth simulator. (She Knows)

Keeping Tabs

Since the Apple health app didn’t get any female-oriented updates recently, the Huffington Post recommends a few free period and fertility tracking apps.

Inside Job

An interesting (and disturbing) look at what an undercover investigation of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) unearthed. (New York Magazine)

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