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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Coaching Conception

It’s going to take some planning to get that little athlete you’re after. (The Science of Us)

Lyrical Lore

Turns out 1998’s hit “Closing Time” isn’t at all about what we thought it was (hint: your baby knows who he wants to take him home)…. (Grounded Parents)

Keep It Down Now

Not comfortable unveiling your pregnancy news at the office just yet? You’re not alone. (The Cut)

Conflicts of Interest

A 43-year-old mom of three wrestles with her new pregnancy over on the Mother Lode blog. (New York Times)

Self Preservation

Not sure we agree completely with this essay, but it raises questions about which “self” new moms should hold onto. (Huffington Post)

Unsound Ultrasounds?

Health officials are urging parents to nix so-called “keepsake” ultrasounds. (Star Tribune)

Nine Months of Measurements

Check out this new, slightly old-school way to track a pregnancy. (Fast Coexist)

Food Fight

A new view on when infants should make the jump to solid eats. (CNN)

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