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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Dress to Distress

Rosamund Pike’s walk on the Golden Globes red carpet, five weeks after having a baby, got this writer questioning the way we speak about women. (

A Harrowing Home Birth

One woman’s very frank regret over having her baby at home. (PopSugar)

A Pregnant POV on Fit Shaming

A mom-to-be finds herself less than inspired by an elite athlete’s pregnancy fitness advice. (Slate)

What Every New Mom Should Hear

A reminder to remember that you just had a baby. (Huffington Post)

Milk Money

A breast-milk co-op is questioned for possible exploitation. (Detroit News)

Tech Time

A Bluetooth-equipped pacifier is just one of the intriguing gadgets to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. (Time)

Funny Baby

Turns out infants are quite the little jokesters. (Science of Us)

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