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A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Meditation may sound intimidating (we need to sit how long in complete silence?), but it can be an effective way to relax, boost energy and connect with the surrounding world. Sonia Choquette, spiritual teacher and bestselling author, says all one needs to make it happen is five to ten minutes and a quiet space void of interruptions. (Read our chat with her about trusting your intuition here.)

For pregnant women, this simple meditation technique is re-energizing and can, according to Choquette, help connect you with your baby’s spirit. For everyone else, it’s a rejuvenating practice that can help bring balance to a hectic day.

  • 1. Sit down in a comfortable chair and silence your phone.
  • 2. Look around the room, take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale with an “ahhh,” as though sighing. Repeat two more times.
  • 3. On the third inhale, allow your eyes to close and breathe into your belly, extending it gently as you do. Exhale, pulling the belly in and gently pushing the air out. Continue to breathe this way gently.
  • 4. Bring your forefinger and thumb together on each hand, as though making the “OK” sign, and silently repeat, “I am” on the inhale and “safe and relaxed” on the exhale. Do this for several minutes or until you feel your mind settling down.
  • 5. Continue to do this, sending loving energy to your baby on the inhale and to yourself on the exhale.
  • 6. After a few more relaxing breaths, bring your palms together and, with eyes still closed, rub them gently back and forth and place them over your closed eyes.
  • 7. Inhale once more and allow your eyes to gently open behind your closed fingers. Let your gaze travel to the floor as you place your palms on your lap.
  • 8. Breathe. On an inhale, bring your gaze up to eye level and gently look around the room. Exhale.
  • 9. End with a smile and exhale with an “ahhh.”
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