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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

The Big Reveal Revisited

How long did you wait to tell the world you were pregnant? This writer, who had two miscarriages, rethinks the typical three-month rule. (The Mother Lode)

Move It and Lose It

The Today show’s Jenna Wolfe, currently nine months pregnant (read our interview with her here), was a guest trainer on The Biggest Loser. (Today)

The Inside Track

Science sheds some light on nine super-interesting points about pregnancy and babies. (Buzzfeed)

Like Magic

Magicians Penn and Teller weigh in on the great vaccination debate. (YouTube)

Glam Mama

We’ve wondered a time or two what it would be like to have Diana Ross as a mother. Her daughter, actor Tracee Ross, gives us a hint. (New York Times Magazine)

Money for Nothing?

Paying pregnant women to stop smoking seems like a great idea, but it begs some questions…. (NPR)

Film Fest

The filmmaker behind Unexpected, a flick showing at the Sundance Film Festival, talks pregnancy movies (surprise: there aren’t many) and what hers is really all about. (IndieWire)

Wearable Tech Hits Maternity Wear

Put it on, track it all. (Cornell)

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