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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Confused Substance

A Danish curling star tested positive for a banned substance after taking an herbal pregnancy aid. (Inside the Games)

Risky Business

This writer ate, drank and was merry throughout an entire trimester—till she learned (with a shock) that she was three months pregnant. Her story is a good one. (Salon)

Something Fishy?

New research shows that eating too much fish during pregnancy can increase a kid’s obesity risk. But not eating enough fish can rob them of healthy benefits. So, in other words, confusion reigns. (CNN)

Spidey Sense

Spider-Girl is going to become a single mom—and one of the comic’s male writers made it so. (Refinery 29)

Dollars, Baby

Peruse these money mistakes that are commonly made during pregnancy. (Money)

Au Naturel

We’re with you no matter how you choose to have your baby, but here are 10 reasons why natural child birth is becoming an increasingly attractive option for parents-to-be. (Collective Evolution)

Rave Review

FertilityIQ wants to be the Yelp for fertility doctors. (Fortune)

Somebody's Watching You

Think your pregnancy is your secret till you choose to reveal it? Think again: According to this piece, big data has your number. (The Verge)

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