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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Keeping Track

This woman’s FitBit knew she was pregnant long before she did, much to the surprise of her husband. (Mashable)

Inside Info

A photographer took a peek into the birth bags of women around the world—from the U.S. to Africa—and the contents are pretty telling. What will you tote to the hospital? (CNN)

Exit Strategy

If bouncing on an exercise ball while dancing to a pop tune jump-starts your labor, why not do it? One mom of four swears by it. (Fit Pregnancy)

Calm Yourself

Things tend to feel out of your control when you’re pregnant, but this writer argues that a less-alarmist approach to pregnancy—and fewer opinions from the peanut gallery—could ease anxiety. (New York Magazine / The Cut)

Practical Magic

Strategizing the timing of your pregnancy can save you some insurance dollars down the road. (TIME)

Safe Space

A new study hints that pregnancy may help ease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (Fox News)

All in the Genes

A new start-up has partnered with the personal genetics company 23andMe to learn more about the process of getting pregnant, which could ultimately help women who are struggling with fertility issues. (Business Insider)

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