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12 Inspiring Fit Bumps on Instagram

To help kick off the New Year right, we scoured Instagram and collected 12 inspiring moms-to-be who illustrate just how fit and fantastic pregnancy can be. Here’s to a motivated and movement-filled 2016!


Showing what eight months along can look like.



The pregnancy progression of well-known CrossFit athlete Stephanie Perez (from left): 20 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 30 weeks, 31 weeks.



Yoga teacher Whitney Fletcher, who posts creatively composed shots of herself in various yoga poses, had her baby boy earlier this month.



Amy Kiser Schemper, a Los Angeles–based personal trainer, gets down to business.



Norwegian CrossFit athlete Ingunn Selvåg makes a muscle-up look easy at 23 weeks.



This SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii, posted this pic three weeks before her daughter was born.



Going all in at 31 weeks.



Hiking for two.



A ray of light at 18 weeks pregnant.



Getting in a workout at 38 weeks pregnant. 



This run coach and Oiselle team runner hit the treadmill for five miles at the end of her second trimester.



Practice makes perfect.




Lead Photo: @cfsteph24

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