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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Good Things Come In Threes

This pregnant runner completed three half marathons, one for each trimester, with the latest completed recently during her 36th week of pregnancy. We are impressed! (Zelle)

Brazilian Breastfeeding

An interesting look at Brazil’s near militant promotion of breastfeeding. (The Atlantic)

C-Section Situation

This New York Times piece investigates the benefits of a little labor before a C-section, though readers take the writer to task in the comments.

Correct Dosage

New findings have linked antidepressant use to autism risk, but it pays to get the full story. (Time)

Big News

Just for fun, a roundup of celebrity pregnancy announcements from the past year or so. You know you love it… (ELLE)

Breathe Right

A Finnish study has shown that the aerobic fitness levels of the male children of women who smoked during pregnancy are lower in comparison to those of men whose mothers did not light up. (BJOG)

Model Behavior

Super model Christy Turlington Burns, founder of Every Mother Counts, sat down with CNN for a Facebook chat to further her mission to reduce maternal deaths in the U.S. connected to pregnancy and childbirth. (CNN)

Step by Step

According to this woman, here are the five phases of pregnancy a new mom goes through. (Huffington Post)

Lactation Literature

A review of the new book Lactivism, by Courtney Jung, which takes a hard look at breastfeeding and how the often sanctimonious attitude surrounding it is unnecessary at best. (New York Times)

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