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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Keeping Up With the Cattiness

How the media's “hate-watching” of Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy could very well happen again as she awaits her second child—and why it really shouldn't. (Vogue)

The Sad Truth

A beautifully written and thoroughly researched piece on depression during pregnancy. (New York Times Magazine)

Keeping Pace

In honor of National Running Day, which fell on Wednesday this week, advice on how to sidestep common pitfalls that mothers often run (pun intended) into. (Runner’s World)

In a Flash

We’re a little tapped out after the recent wave of cutesy pregnancy videos, but this time-lapse entry is pretty charming. (Time)

A Placenta’s Place

It seems the benefits of eating a placenta after birth have been grossly overstated. (Health)

Nursing News

Recent research posits that breastfeeding may help lower a child’s risk of leukemia. (Well, New York Times)

Just Feeding My Baby…

The ultra-catchy (some would say ultra-annoying) song “Call Me Maybe” gets parodied from a breastfeeding POV. (Pop Sugar)

Viable Verdict?

A woman lost the pregnancy discrimination suit she filed against the drug company Merck, her former employer. (Think Progress)

Music to Their Ears

A Vancouver couple got creative and wrote a musical about their 14-year struggle with infertility. (CBC Canada)

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