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FitBump Presents Wellness Central at the New York Baby Show

FitBump is hosting Wellness Central—a destination for everything fitness, health and nutrition during pregnancy and beyond—at the New York Baby Show, presented by New York Family May 16 to 17 at Pier 92 (711 12th Avenue). Come visit our shop and two educational areas featuring products, demonstrations and one-on-one interaction with experts. Read on for our full lineup. See you there!


Join fitness professionals throughout the weekend for demonstrations of a range of workouts, from boot camp to yoga. Learn modifications, ask questions and practice with our trainers.

FitBump T3

FitBump T3 is targeted trimester training that features exercises designed specifically for pregnancy. Designed by FitBump founder Kira Kohrherr (AFAA certified personal trainer, ACE pre/postnatal certified) and editor in chief Ingrid Skjong (AAPT certified personal trainer, ACE pre/postnatal certified), T3 works for all fitness levels—throughout all three trimesters—by combining strengthening and stretching with cardio and interval training to help get moms-to-be in labor-ready shape and to help shorten post-baby recovery time. When: Saturday, 11:30 A.M.


B.Y.O.B.—Bring Your Own Baby (or Bring Your Own Bump)—is a group fitness class suitable for pregnant women, as well as new mothers and their babies. Created by Melissa Paris (NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, pre/postnatal training, TRX) and Anja Pierre (NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, pre/postnatal training, TRX, KBC), this form of exercising provides a bonding element between mom and baby, while the new bundle of joy acts as a human weight vest, increasing the intensity of the workout. When: Saturday, 1 P.M.

Body Conceptions with Mahri Relin

Inspiration meets perspiration when training with Mahri Relin (NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist; AFPA Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist). Energizing popular music and a rotating exercise roster motivate clients while strengthening and toning every zone of the body. Deemed one of the two Best Body-Sculpting Workouts in New York City by Vogue, Mahri’s popular Body After Baby Workout is getting rave reviews from clients. When: Sunday, 12:30 P.M.

Yoga with Alie

Alie Flynt infuses her classes with humor, playfulness, philosophy, breath and movement. A 500-hour certified yoga instructor and a 100-hour certified yoga therapist, she specializes in yoga for athletes, therapeutic/restorative yoga and chair yoga. At FitBump Wellness Central, learn how to modify poses and breathing techniques to reduce stress during pregnancy. When: Sunday, 10:30 A.M.

Just for Today: Prenatal Yoga

Wellness analyst and yoga instructor Lana Masor offers prenatal yoga training to increase flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. Yoga allows for a pregnant woman to adapt more gracefully to the changes her body is experiencing and to feel a sense of integration and appreciation. Breath awareness is one of the cornerstones of her approach as a prenatal yoga instructor. Lana is a YogaWorks–trained yoga teacher and has certifications in prenatal yoga from Prenatal Yoga Center and baby and me yoga from Baby Om. When: Sunday, 2 P.M.

Meditation with Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Mielke

Jennifer Mielke is a life stylist, yoga teacher and busy mom. After two years coaching entrepreneurial skills to graduates of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition via the Ambassador Network, she dedicated two years to hands-on health coaching at Dr. Frank Lipman's busy Manhattan practice. Now in her own practice, she believes that strong, fulfilled women raise happy, healthy families—and she is out to help moms reconcile their pre-child identities with the important work of mothering. When: Saturday, 2 P.M.

This is How We Roll: Learning to Love Your Foam Roller

Join FitBump founder Kira Kohrherr (AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Pre/Postnatal Certified) and editor in chief Ingrid Skjong (AAPT Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Pre/Postnatal Certified) to learn tips, tricks and techniques for learning to love your foam roller. When: Sunday, 3 P.M.


Join nutrition experts and health coaches throughout the weekend as they lead discussions on healthy recipes, time-saving kitchen tips and the ins and outs of eating well during pregnancy. Ask questions and sample delicious snacks.

Topics include:

  • A Plant-Based Diet: Power Proteins
  • Your Daily Dose: Prenatal Vitamins
  • Nutrition by Trimester: What to Eat When

    EMBODY Wellness Co.

    EMBODY Wellness Co. is a wellness and lifestyle concierge. It assists with achieving your healthiest self by creating customizable, holistic wellness and nutrition programs targeted at life’s most important milestones—including pregnancy. EMBODY programming helps increase energy, decrease stress and reach and sustain an ideal body in a natural, nurtured way. Its founders will present Nutrient-Dense Eating 101 (how to forget about calorie counting and make sure you get the biggest nutritional bang for your buck from the foods you eat) and Healthy Cravings Alternatives: Splurge vs. Save (how to satisfy cravings with healthy, delicious swaps). When: Sunday, Noon and 1 P.M.

    Holistic Health Coach Jennifer Mielke

    Health coach Jennifer Mielke will discuss the importance of healthy fats during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When: Saturday, 2 P.M.

    The Shop

    Shop the FitBump line of pregnancy activewear, including new styles and colors for spring and a sale (50% off!) of winter items.

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