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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Instagram will finally give the green light to breastfeeding photos. #abouttime (Refinery 29)

26.2 for Two

A Minneapolis woman ran Monday’s Boston Marathon at 34 weeks pregnant and got a lot of people talking. (Runner’s World)

The Shot Process

California edges ever closer to becoming one of just three states that requires school-going children to be vaccinated. Not everyone is happy about it. (New York Times)

Going Green and Staying That Way

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Month, Big City Moms rounds up its favorite eco-friendly products.

Waiting Game

A new study might help inform how closely parents space out having their kids. (The Register-Guard)

Gym Dandy

A pregnant British woman keeps up her rigorous fitness routine, kettlebells and handstands included. (The sight is, happily, becoming less and less of an anomaly.) (Mirror)

Data Breach

A tongue-in-cheek look at what your pregnancy tracker might actually want to tell you. (Scary Mommy)

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