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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


Marathons, Maternity-Style

We’re always up for a good story on elite pregnant runners that train at high levels, but the reader comments on this one are definitely worth a look, too. (New York Times)

Going (Almost) the Distance

On the flip side, Runner’s World columnist Jenny Hadfield says, “It’s not the time to train for you. It’s the time to train for two.” (Zelle)

Doctor’s Orders

Jennifer Ashton, a noted ob-gyn, gives a big cheer for pregnant women that choose to work out. (Good Morning America)

Laugh Till It Hurts…Or Till Your Water Breaks

Amy Poehler talks about her own marathon of sorts: Taping Saturday Night Live during her first pregnancy. (Vulture)

Cover to Cover

Think you recognize the blanket that’s swaddling your friend’s new little one? This is why. (Quartz)

Pregnancy Brain, Be Gone

This writer wants a moratorium on calling out so-called “pregnancy brain.” (Cut the gestators some slack….) (Huffington Post)

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