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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


The Naked Truth

The What’s Underneath Project video series spotlights Karyn Starr—nine months pregnant at the time of the interview—who talks frankly about her two miscarriages and body acceptance. (StyleLikeU)

Postpartum Preparedness

On the Motherlode blog, noted journalist Kate Rope writes about how, after suffering massive postpartum anxiety following the birth of her first child, she prepared to “lose her mind” by putting a plan in place when she got pregnant again. (New York Times)


This obituary of trailblazing developmental psychologist Carolyn Rovee-Collier, who died earlier this month, shows why challenging conventional wisdom—in this case that infants can’t really remember a thing—is awesome. (New York Times)

Out of Body Experience

The rise of the artificial womb? Slate looks into it.

Father Knows Best

Ten things every new dad should know. (Thought Catalog)

Walk the Walk

Feeling a little…slumpy? Start striding around like you mean it and watch the happy happen. (Science of Us)

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