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Weekend Reading: Links We Like


ABCs and WODs?

The New York Times looks at CrossFit's programs for the preschool set and raises some interesting questions about kids and fitness. 

Maternity, Military Style

The Army makes an effort to help its moms-to-be and new moms stay fit.

The Birth Announcement: It's Not a Race

One doula's take on how spreading the news can sometimes overshadow the big event itself. (Talitha Seibel)

A Shout-Out

We talk FitBump and pregnancy fitness with our friends over at Bundle Organics.

California Backs Breastfeeding

The state takes a big step by requiring all of its major airports to have private lactation rooms by 2016. (Breitbart)

A Famous New Arrival

All you’ll ever need to know about Chelsea Clinton’s new baby girl. (CNN)

Virtual Reality

Meet Victoria—a very cool, hyper-real birth simulator that’s helping to train obstetrics teams. (

Just a (Tech) Hunch

Hello, designers of wearable technology—it's time to think about what women need, too. (Tech Guru Daily)

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