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Sharp Start-Up: The SipSmart Cap

The Idea

For resident FitBump astrologer Ophira Edut (of the AstroTwins) and her husband, Jeffrey Sleebos, invention inspiration came out of the simplest of daily annoyances: drink spills. So the New York–based couple and parents of an active toddler came up with the SipSmart Cap: a bottle cap with an extendable straw attachment that converts almost any store-bought water, juice or smoothie bottle into a spill-proof sippable drink. (Watch it in action here.) They created it to save your technology, your clothes, your furniture, your car—and, let’s face it, your sanity.

The Details

The BPA-free SipSmart Cap comes packaged with a small fiber brush for cleaning; the bottom straw removes for simple cleanup. (Putting it in the dishwasher isn’t recommended, as it can cause the cap to lose its shape.) A portable, sealable pouch makes it easy to tote around, and the device is designed with a special anti-choking valve that controls the flow of a drink through the straw, so you get just the right amount. It also avoids a common child choking hazard by eliminating a bottle cap altogether.

How to Get It

The SipSmart Cap is available for a limited-time pre-order on Kickstarter. Purchase yours by October 25 to take advantage of a special rate and bonuses.

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