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4 Products That Give Back

There are so many talented artisans across the world making beautiful goods, but not all of us can travel the globe to buy them for ourselves. Thankfully, there are more and more ethically-minded companies who are giving us the opportunity to support small artisan communities around the world through our purchases.

Here are four companies who are trying to make the world a little better, simply by making great products available for us to buy. It seems almost too good to be true! gives us the opportunity to connect and support these communities with our purchases. Here are some great companies who are all about giving back, so you can buy something beautiful, delicious, or both and feel even better about it!

The Little Market

Founded by Lauren Conrad, this company sources gorgeous products from artisan groups in developing countries and pays them a living wage so they can support their families. By introducing their handmade goods to a wider market, The Little Market has allowed many of these artisan groups to expand and offer more job opportunities to the community.

Long Miles Coffee Project

This husband and wife team—and parents of two adorable boys—are working hard to change the lives of coffee farmers in Burundi East Africa. Kristy is a photographer by trade and does a beautiful job of telling the riveting stories of the Burundi’s coffee farmers on her blog and instagram. To put the situation in perspective, one farmer only made $16 dollars in one coffee season though he has 300 coffee trees. By building a washing station, this courageous couple is giving farmers a place to drop off their coffee cherries and receive a fair wage.

This Bar Saves Lives

When you buy one of these delicious granola bars, a life-saving nutritional packet is delivered to a child at risk of hospitalization or death from malnutrition. With 2.6 million children dying of hunger worldwide every year, it seems like an easy—and tasty—way to do some good.

Global Goods Partners

This nonprofit organization sells handmade, fair trade products on their website in order to improve the economic status of women in marginalized communities around the world. The organization works with nearly 40 artisan groups, which in turn employs over 3,000 women. And they happen to have the cutest handmade baby toys and clothes

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