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What's in your Diaper Bag?

For new moms, preparing to venture out with your baby for the first time can seem daunting. But feeling prepared for everything can be as easy as finding the right diaper bag. Luckily, just because you may be toting around diapers and bottles for the near future, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style. Diaper Bags have come a long way! To prove it, we’ve asked the stylish moms behind Well Rounded NY to dish on what’s in their diaper bag.

What's your favorite stylish/functional diaper bag and why do you love it?

Jessica: At the moment, I love the Boken Bag. It’s super-light, which is clutch when there are times you also have to carry two kids on your hips. You can carry, extend the strap for the stroller, and convert it to a backpack to use while babywearing. It’s also durable so you can wash and dry it when things spill inside -- cause trust me, things spill inside. And it doesn’t actually look like a diaper bag, so I’ll be sporting it long after I need to carry around diapers.

Kaity: I returned the one real “diaper bag” that was given to me. The backpack is where it’s at for me. During the summer I ran my Baggu backpack ragged and now I’ve gone back to an old black nylon Prada backpack. They both stay on my shoulders where they should so there’s no adjusting finicky straps and they fit a ton inside without making me look like I’m on my way to the gym.

Wear and Tear: how many diaper bags have you gone through/how long should a good one last?

Jessica: I’ve had two so far - one for each kid. A good diaper bag should really last as long as you need one. At a certain point, you figure out what you REALLY need when on the go with baby, and it’s a lot less than you thought you did during those first overwhelming months. That said, if you’re on the go with baby (or toddler), you’re probably not going to want to sport your new Philip Lim Satchel, so a diaper bag comes in handy till those sticky little hands stop being so sticky.

Kaity: I haven’t gone through any, Luckily! A well-constructed bag should last a long time. Diaper bags shouldn’t be an exception.

What features do you think are essential in a good diaper bag? (Multiple pockets, mess/spill-resistant material, etc.)

Jessica: Durable, lightweight, lots of pockets -- but not so many pockets that you can’t find anything. The strap has to be long enough to hang it over the stroller. Also, an insulated compartment is helpful for bottles and sippy cups, but you can also get a baby bottle bag and just throw that inside. Lastly, it should be basic enough that anyone and everyone who needs to watch your baby will willingly carry it.

Kaity: It should be lightweight, durable and comfortable. Also, it shouldn’t be precious! A good diaper bag, whether it’s a traditional one or not, should be able to withstand any baby grime that comes it’s way. Every mom has different needs and priorities. I almost exclusively wore my guy up to 6 months so having a bag that I didn’t have to continuously adjust on my shoulder was key. Your hands are already full with a baby no reason for a bag to fill them even more!

Favorite baby products that you have at all times (pacifiers, baby wipes, toys, etc)?

Jessica: Organic Naty baby wipes for hands and tushies, extra helping of formula, baby banana teether, Aden + Anais muslin swaddle for throwing over baby, changing table, ground, etc., as well as a change of clothes and two extra diapers for any unforeseen explosions.

Kaity: Well, my baby is a toddler now but I still have my necessities. Honest Diapers and Wipes, Toy cars and train, DK Sticker book, and Snacks! For when he was a baby Hevea pacifiers were also staples, as was Sophie the Giraffe!

Randi Zinn

Randi Zinn is the founder of Beyond Mom and Born from her own experience of motherhood, and the desire for a more connected community, Beyond Mom offers mixers, events and retreats for forward-thinking New York moms. She encourages moms to cultivate a life “Beyond Mom”—one that embraces the gifts of motherhood but expresses all that they are as individuals: creators, businesswomen, thinkers, friends and so much more. Randi has partnered with Comptoir Des Cottoniers, SoulCycle, Mio Skincare, TOWN Real Estate, The Mother Company, Body Conceptions and IntenSati. Her writing has appeared in FitBump, Epoch Times and Well Rounded NY. She is a certified yoga instructor through Laughing Lotus NY and has taught since 2008.

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