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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Fit Blitz

A Bugaboo stroller ad, picturing a model out for a run in a sporty bikini, has lots of people all up in arms. (Ad Week)

Price Fixing

This piece on MSN asks an interesting (and difficult) question: How much is a human egg worth?

Major Players

How women in sports media, such as ESPN SportCenter’s Jade McCarthy (due on Labor Day), deal with pregnancy and motherhood. (Hint: Finding different camera angles is just one part of it…) (Sports Illustrated)

Pregnant Punch Lines

Check out these 10 funny pregnancy sayings that will probably get a laugh or two out of you. (Bored Panda)

Embracing Empowerment

This writer explains why she considers herself a “birth feminist”—and wants to show how “your birth experience has the potential to shape you as a human being in enormous ways.” (Daily Beast)

In Celebrity News…

Coco and Ice-T are expecting their first child, and she is giving credit to her fitness app (Coco’s Workout World) for getting her “healthy” for pregnancy. (E!)

Put Your Back Into It

A new study suggests that boys are born with stronger back bones than girls. (New York Times)

Food for Thought

A photo of a politician in Argentina breastfeeding her baby during a Parliament session is swiftly making the Internet rounds. (Yahoo Parenting)

The Next Cycle

Can’t get enough of your bike? Here are some tips on how to keep cycling throughout your pregnancy. (Momentum Mag)

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