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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

A Non-Breeder’s About-Face

What happens when you announce to the world you don’t plan to have kids, but end up having one? This writer tells her story. (The Cut)

All for One, One for All

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes and a new dad, shares what he learned after taking three months off to help with his newborn son—and lobbies hard for paid family leave. (Glamour)

Picture Perfect?

It’s almost painful how stock photography has no idea how to depict pregnancy. (Mommyish)

Work It Out

Celeb trainer Jackie Warner addresses “fit shaming”—including the kind thrown at in-shape new moms—and basically tells the bullies where they can go. (Huffington Post)

Monied Mommies

This piece on the so-called Glam SAHMs (glamorous stay-at-home-moms) of New York’s Upper East Side really got people talking. (New York Times)

The More You Know

Insurance companies, interested in lowering costs, are looking into monitoring pregnancies using mobile apps so they know exactly what they’re dealing with. (MedCity News)

Comic Mom

A spot-on look at pregnancy via a smartly produced comic by cartoonist Rebecca Roher. (Huffington Post)

Mind Games

New research shows that pregnancy might change a woman’s brain for the rest of her life. (Daily Mail)

A Breadth of Bumps

A reminder that bumps are like fingerprints: no two are the same. (Huffington Post)

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