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Weekend Reading: Links We Like

Remembering a Childbirth Champion

Elizabeth Bing, the heralded “mother of Lamaze,” died last week. (The New York Times)

Brilliant Bodies

Dadbods, schmadbods. It’s time to celebrate the mombods of the world. (Buzzfeed)

Baby, Baby

Advancements in fertility are creating interesting dilemmas for parents when it comes to what to do with frozen embryos. (The Washington Post)

Send a Card

This writer makes a case for taking the hush out of talking about miscarriages—and even challenges Hallmark to get in the game. (The Daily Beast)

(Not) In the Know

A woman who didn’t realize she was pregnant till she had her baby on a plane is getting more attention than she would probably like. (Jezebel)

Who Is This Kid?

The Ugly Volvo blog posted this poignant—and pretty funny—missive on how your baby today could be an entirely different baby tomorrow.

Breastfeeding Bust

Emily Oster, whose Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong—and What You Really Need to Know tipped pregnancy on its ear and is challenging the fervor around breastfeeding. (Five Thirty Eight)


A bunch of ninth graders asked a bunch of sex questions—including ones on pregnancy—and got some hilarious answers. (Elite Daily)

Innovative In Utero

Why artificial wombs might not be all that. (Business Insider)

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